Lex Sterling Solicitors specialise in commercial debt recovery and dispute resolution. With legal representatives with over 20 years in the debt recovery industry we are trusted by our clients to recover their debts efficiently.


Whether you are an individual or a business, collecting an unpaid debt can be a stressful and time consuming process.

It is advisable in the first instance to send a formal letter to your debtor.  We offer a one-stop service for taking the first step to recovering your unpaid debts.

This letter will make it clear to your debtor that if they do not pay their debt then they will face legal action. This can be a useful and affordable first step towards the successful recovery of your unpaid debts.

Are legal proceedings to recover my unpaid debts inevitable?

No, our experience is that the vast majority of debtors respond to our letters before action.

Our specialist debt recovery solicitors are experienced with resolving disputes in ways that will suit your particular circumstances and where possible, avoid the need for issuing court proceedings.

Most debtors will respond to our initial requests, some may not. We can assist you pursuing claims for unpaid debts as they develop and, where necessary, deal with the issuing of court proceedings on your behalf.

What type of clients do you recover for?

We recover unpaid debts for a variety of clients both corporate and individual, across a wide range of industries. We recover unpaid debts from individuals as well as companies, partnerships and businesses.

Why should I instruct Lex Sterling Solicitors rather than a cheaper debt collection agency?

As solicitors, all of our debt recovery specialists are members of and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This is a guarantee of the level of service that we provide when recovering your debts for you. It also ensures that all debts recovered by us are protected.

Should your matter become contentious and proceed to court, then we are already familiar with your case and equipped to enable us to act for you immediately.

We have a proven track record in debt recovery and have a dedicated specialist team.  We are commercially minded and work to the highest professional standards at all times.