Why Instruct Lex Sterling?

It’s simple. We want your business and we value your custom.

Our specialist lawyers and support services team will work hard to understand your needs, support you throughout the legal process and stand by you to achieve the results that you need.

You see, we understand that you expect continuity, that you want to be kept informed and that you want direct access to your lawyer. That’s why, wherever possible, we’ll make sure that the same person looks after you throughout.

What’s more, we believe in providing a high level of expertise and service at a price that can be justified. We don’t talk jargon and we won’t baffle you with legal documentation. Our focus is purely on delivering sound advice, pragmatic solutions and clear communication with flexibility, efficiency and transparency at all times.



Lex Sterling offers a broad range of legal services to various institutions, small and medium-sized businesses and private individuals.Our ValuesWhenever you deal with us, you’ll notice that our core values guide us at every stage. We always seek:

  • To be pioneering with an imaginative outlook
  • To be approachable and caring
  • To be tenacious in the pursuit of our objectives
  • To be efficient in the provision of our services
  • To work with a foundation of integrity

Our Purpose And Our VisionOur purpose, which focuses on our clients, is “to look after our clients’ interests positively, actively and professionally”.You can trust our experienced team to show you the utmost respect and understanding and to be totally dedicated to your case, however great or small your legal needs.At Lex Sterling, our team are fluent in a variety of European and Asian sub-continent languages.We are a member of The Law Society and offers services covering a broad range of legal matters, delivered by expert lawyers.For a confidential, informal discussion about your legal requirements, email reception@lexsterling.com or call us on 020 8668 8175.